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Dental Crowns


Custom Porcelain Crowns

Dental CrownsA dental crown is a restoration that covers the entire tooth surface above the gumline, protecting the tooth from continual wear, breakage, and evenly distributing the force of your bite that could cause further damage to your natural tooth. Dr. Dana Kapparova commonly recommends dental crowns:

  • When the integrity of the natural tooth is lost due to decay or fractures
  • In conjunction with a root canal
  • In instances of extreme tooth sensitivity
  • To replace individual teeth alongside dental implants
  • In cases where previous restorations, such as fillings, have failed and the tooth is no longer able to function naturally.

If you’re experiencing oral pain, sensitivity or a broken tooth, you may need a dental crown. For your comfort and convenience, emergency appointments are available to quickly restore your dental well being and beautiful smile.


Rebuilding Your Smile

When a restoration is needed, Dr. Kapparova offers beautiful porcelain crowns to restore the aesthetics and health of your tooth. With a dental restoration, you can bite, chew, and speak as you did before. Your customized crown will blend into your existing smile, so that only you and your dentist will even know that it’s there. They are also used to replace missing teeth when placed over single dental implants.


What Is Involved In A Dental Crown Restoration?

The treatment typically requires two separate visits to our NYC dental practice. Your initial appointment will allow us to prepare your natural tooth and take an impression, which is used to then make your custom-crafted porcelain crown. A temporary crown will be applied until your permanent crown is ready.

At your second visit, your new crown will be bonded into place. Dr. Kapparova will ensure that it’s seated correctly and that your bite is natural and comfortable.  


Putting Treatment Off Could Damage Your Smile

Dental Crowns

An untreated, damaged tooth needs immediate care and attention. When recommended, a crown can minimize further dental problems that become more expensive to treat. Call 63rd Street Dental right away to make an appointment.


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