Gentle Tooth Extractions

Why might a tooth need to be removed? What is it like to have an extraction at 63rd Street Dental? Extractions sound scary, but our dental team can help ease your concerns with our unparalleled skill and experience.


Why Do I Need to Have a Tooth Pulled?

If you have a tooth that is…

  • Severely decayed
  • Fractured beyond repair
  • Impacted below the gums
  • Abscessed
  • Loosened from gum disease

…then removing it can prevent discomfort or pain. Damaged and decayed teeth pose a risk of infection to other areas of your mouth. Pulling these teeth can give you a fresh and more comfortable start to improving the health of your mouth.


What Are Extractions Like?

Dr. Dana Kapparova and our team will discuss the entire process with you in detail, answering any questions you may have. We understand that you are an individual with unique needs. For that reason, we carefully tailor all treatment to make the experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.  

Your extraction visit will include conservative techniques delivered through compassionate and attentive care. We will guide you through both pre and post-operative care, with sedation options available for your comfort.


A Comfortable New York Dental Experience

Having a tooth extracted may not sound fun, but at 63rd Street Dental, you can turn an unfortunate necessity into a positive experience. Enjoy a calming visit to our state-of-the-art office with its soothing atmosphere. Dr. Kapparova has extensive experience in replacing extracted teeth with options like dental implants, fixed bridges, and partial dentures. All of these options give you the chance to turn over a new leaf by creating a vibrant, youthful smile.

Begin your journey to a healthier smile by contacting 63rd Street Dental. We’re eager to help your smile reach its full potential!

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