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Cleanings & Preventions


Cleanings and Preventive Care

Cleanings & preventionsDr. Dana Kapparova knows that the secret to a beautiful smile is a healthy smile. And the secret to a healthy smile? Prevention. The dental experts at 63rd Street Dental will assist you in keeping your teeth strong and minimizing the risk of diseases like periodontitis and tooth decay.


Professional Dental Cleanings

A preventive cleaning removes bacterial plaque and calcified tartar that your toothbrush and floss leave behind. If not regularly removed, plaque and tartar can cause harmful gum disease and bone loss. Keep your smile bright, white, and strong with regular professional dental cleanings every 6 months. At your preventive care appointment, one of our skilled hygienists will also provide:

  • Advice for a whiter and straighter smile
  • Tips for improved gum health
  • Periodontal (gum) disease screening

Comprehensive Examinations

Your first visit to our office will include a comprehensive examination. Dr.  Kapparova will talk with you as she evaluates your bite, health of the tissues, and takes any necessary dental x-rays. This visit allows her to make the most appropriate recommendations for improving your oral health. Her more than two decades of experience make such examinations a valuable part of your smile’s future health.  

Digital X-Rays

Why do we need to take x-rays of your teeth? Because they…

  • Reveal tooth decay in areas not seen during a clinical exam
  • Identify the existing level of bone around your teeth
  • Allow us to evaluate tooth development
  • Disclose the extent of diseases such as decay or periodontitis

Digital x-rays are an essential part of your comprehensive exam and treatment planning process. At 63rd Street Dental, we utilize digital radiography equipment to reduce radiation levels by as much as 90%.

Night Guards

Cleanings & preventionsDisorders of the TMJ can occur if you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth. Wearing a night guard will help to protect your teeth and relax the jaw as you sleep, reducing the strain placed on your muscles and dental restorations.

Preserve your smile with unparalleled preventive care! Call our NYC dentist office in the Upper East Side today.


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