Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are notorious for causing problems like swelling or discomfort. Many times, the 3rd molars grow under the gums in a way that puts other teeth at risk of damage. They are often difficult or impossible to keep clean because of their hard to reach location – making them prone to developing oral disease.

Worried about whether or not your wisdom teeth should be extracted? 63rd Street Dental and our nationally renowned dentist, Dr. Dana Kapparova, will ease your concerns and answer your questions about wisdom teeth. 

The Benefits of Extracting Wisdom Teeth

What potential benefits come from having your wisdom teeth extracted?

  • Prevent your teeth from crowding together
  • Prevent the spread of periodontal or dental disease to other teeth
  • Elimination of jaw pain (if wisdom teeth are the cause)
  • Improved oral hygiene

Removing wisdom teeth is a very common dental procedure. In fact, extracting problematic wisdom teeth is a great way to get the health of your mouth back to a fresh start. From there, all sorts of restorative and cosmetic smile-enhancing options open up! 

New York Treatment for 3rd Molars

Visit us to find out more about your wisdom tooth health. You’re simply not going to find a more compassionate and well-equipped dental office in the NYC area.  

During your first dental examination, we will take a set of necessary x-rays to make an accurate diagnosis. We use such images to determine the health and position of your wisdom teeth, and how they impact the adjacent teeth.

Detailed planning and a patient-oriented approach will make your experience seamlessly positive. You’ll be guided through post-operative care instructions for speeding up the healing process.  During the procedure, you will also be given the option of nitrous oxide sedation – allowing you to fully relax through the operation.

Find out more and schedule a wisdom tooth consultation at our office today.

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