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Invisalign: Clear Braces for Adults

General Dentistry How long have you been dreaming of having a straighter smile? Tooth alignment is an important part of both your dental health as well as optimal aesthetics. For example, Dr. Dana Kapparova may recommend correcting the alignment of your teeth before performing a treatment such as veneers, dental implants, or bonding. Doing so will minimize the extent of treatment that is needed in the future.

Straighter teeth are also less prone to experience complications like:

  • Gum Disease
  • Premature Wear
  • Fractured Restorations or Teeth
  • TMJ Disorders
  • Cavities

Invisible Orthodontics

General Dentistry Invisalign is made up of a series of clear alignment trays. Instead of bothersome brackets or wires, the clear aligners snap right over your teeth. They can be removed during meals or for brushing and flossing. Most people will never even be able to tell that there is anything on your teeth!

We ask that you wear your Invisalign braces at least 20 hours each day. Every 2 weeks, change your braces out for the next set of Invisalign trays. Gradually, your teeth are shifted into the proper bite alignment. This also limits the number of trips you need to make to our NYC office.

Dr. Kapparova is a certified Invisalign provider. What does that mean for our patients? There’s no need to travel all over New York looking for a separate orthodontist. Everything is available right here in our aesthetic practice.

Find out if the clear braces option is right for you by scheduling a consultation with us today. Dr. Kapparova will assess your bite, take a series of photographs and create a set of models for the lab to use to make your aligners. About two weeks later, your first few sets of alignment trays will be ready for pickup! Be sure to ask about our financing options for braces.


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