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Comfortable Root Canals

Root Canals Why are root canals necessary? The endodontic procedure is used to treat and preserve teeth that have experienced nerve damage or infection. Some of the most common reasons why Dr. Dana Kapparova might recommend a root canal include:

  • Trauma to the Tooth
  • An Abscess
  • Severe Pain or Hypersensitivity
  • A Fractured or Cracked Root
  • Darkening of the Tooth (Nerve Death)

What is Endodontic Treatment?

A root canal involves accessing the nerve chamber of the tooth and removing all of the diseased tissues. The chamber is then cleaned, medicated, and sealed off to prevent reinfection. After an endodontic procedure has been completed, the tooth is no longer vital. Because of this, we recommend having a crown placed over the treated tooth. A porcelain crown restores aesthetics, function, and integrity to the tooth so that it can continue functioning normally.


Do Root Canals Hurt?

Dental fillings Having a root canal completed shouldn’t be a scary event. In fact, we pride ourselves in being able to offer some of the most comfortable root canals here in New York. Dr. Kapparova will thoroughly numb the tooth being treated, as well as offering sedation to help you relax.

Putting off your root canal could result in more significant infection, pain, or damage to adjacent teeth. In some circumstances, dental abscesses have been known to spread further into the body, resulting in the need for hospitalization. Not to mention, further infection will result in the loss of the tooth.

To determine whether or not a tooth is damaged or has a dental abscess, we will need to take an x-ray. The image allows us to evaluate the area around the root of the tooth to determine if an infection might be present. A series of tests may also be done to check for nerve hypersensitivity.

Call 63rd Street Dental today to see if your toothache may be an abscessed tooth. A short visit is all you need for the answers that you deserve.


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