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The Reason Behind Sensitive Teeth



When you are out for ice cream or your usually cup of coffee, does it trigger pain in your teeth ? Have you noticed when you are brushing and flossing your teeth that there are certain teeth sensitive than others? Here are some of the reasons why this may occur, we recommend not to ignore these symptoms. We will provide you some ways to ease some of the pain till you see your dentist!

If you’re brushing your teeth too hard, there’s a chance you are wearing down the protective layers. Your slowly wearing down the layer, the end result is exposing your nerves and with time, it will cause sensitivity to your teeth. Brush gently and if needed, change your toothbrush to soft bristled.  

Teeth grinding is very common when you sleep at night, the problem is when you grind your teeth too much, you are wearing down the enamel in your teeth over the course of time, exposing the dentin, which leaves you exposing your nerve.  A mouth guard can be recommended by your dentist to custom fit your mouth to help stop teeth grinding.

Yes, that is correct, not all toothpaste are made alike, some have more chemicals than others, such as teeth whitening tooth paste. If you feel a difference due to the toothpaste, consider changing your options.

The pain of a chipped or a cracked tooth can go beyond sensitivity. You will need to see your dentist to evaluate your tooth, that way they can decide the proper treatment for your tooth such as an extraction or cap.

Fillings can weaken and fracture around the edges as time goes by, the exposure makes it easy for bacteria to build up in tiny crevices, which cause acid build-up and enamel breakdown. Between visits with your dentist, see if you notice this type of tooth sensitivity, most cases fillings can be replaced.


If you feel that you are suffering from sensitive teeth, you may find that using specific toothpaste can help with its sensitivity. If your sensitivity is persistent and extreme, book an appointment with you dentist for an evaluation. Treatments that dentist may provide are fluoride gel to areas of sensitivity and to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce sensations.

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