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Solution For A Missing Tooth



If you are missing a tooth, there are options you can choose to help replace it. We advice to not ignore this issue! Tooth replacement is vital to restoring maximum function, it will help maintain alignment of the surrounding teeth and will preserve facial contours. 

Your teeth aren’t just aesthetics, they are important place holders for each and every other tooth.Over time a toothless gap can drift apart to fill the empty space and it will move out of alignment.


We recommend the following options to replace your lost tooth. You can decide with your dentist what will be the best option for your needs.


Dental Implants

The most common tooth replacement procedures are dental implants. The implant is an actual replacement of the tooth root where the crown is attached. For a guaranteed dental implantation, you must have a great amount of a healthy jawbone to attach the implant and the adjacent gums and teeth must be healthy.
Certain health issues may interfere of the procedure as well.


Partial Denture

Before dental implants, the three-unit fixed partial denture or as known as fixed bridge was a common solution for tooth replacements. The way it worked was the 2 teeth on either side of the “abutment” teeth or the gap are crowned and the crown’s support a false tooth or also known as “pontic” just like pickets in a fence

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